Thursday, January 10, 2013

How your credit limit is therefore determined

You decide to apply for a business credit card, it goes through the application process and is approved. You receive your card and notice that your credit limit is different from what you expect. At this point you may be wondering how the credit limit is determined. You can learn more about the scenes of how your credit card here .
How your credit limit is therefore determined
How your credit limit is therefore determined
How your credit limit is determined?
The credit limit is the result of a statistical model that takes into due consideration, among other things, credit, income, debt, the extent of the credit history of the applicant and the application rate for other forms of credit. The methods used by banks and companies issuing credit cards to establish the limits vary, but credit ratings are an important factor and constant.

*An applicant with a strong credit rating is a low-risk opportunity for the bank. The high credit score indicates that the person will probably pay its bills before maturity. In return, the bank or company issuing the credit card reward you with a higher credit limit.
*An applicant with a low credit score is riskier. This person may have a history of debt repayment less constant. Credit history may also indicate that other creditors have refused to grant loans or credit cards. In this case, the card application may still be approved, but with a lower credit limit.

What a credit limit high or low mean for your credit score
In considering the limit that has been granted, so now you understand why it was made well. The good news is that even if your credit limit is low, it can still benefit your credit score. This is because credit scores are positively affected when more credit is available to the user. However, creditors also need to see that you are notified regarding credit. In order to obtain the maximum value for your credit, you should avoid reaching the maximum limit of your cards. If you reach the limit of your credit cards and use all the credit you have available, it can begin to have a negative impact on your credit rating.Keeping balances smaller than you are able to pay each month shows that you are responsible with regard to your money, thereby increasing your credit score. Over time and the judicious use of your credit, you may be eligible for an increase in your credit limit.

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