Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Best Business Credit Card : Credit cards Business Card BCN silver or gold

Business Card - thanks to its simplicity of use and management - primarily to SMEs.
To keep constantly an eye on fees and expenses, a software is licensed as an accompaniment to the map.
Business Card available in silver or gold. You can even customize your company's image.

Available in foreign currency
The Business Card gold can be denominated in EUR or USD. It is ideal if you are frequently travelling abroad or if you are staying in these currency areas.
Credit cards Business Card BCN silver or gold
Credit cards Business Card BCN
silver or gold
Total control with eXpense
The eXpense software allows you to not only to accurately track your spending but also to organize your advances or reimbursements to pay with all of the business cards.

PayPass - pay in one easy action
Business Card BCN silver or gold are equipped with PayPass system. Buy lower at CHF 40.-, just close your payment terminal credit card to trigger the transaction. Simple, fast and safe! Valid in shops showing the PayPass symbol.

PayPass symbol
PayPass symbol
Credit cards Business Card BCN silver or gold has several advantages.

Design custom
The Business Silver Card can be customized with the image of your company (image and logo). Price of the service: CHF 40.-/ year. For more information about customization, see the website of our partner Viseca: cost
Customizing is valid for the Business Card money.

Assistance 24 h
Specialists of the Assistance service 24 h, can be reached at the phone number + 41 (0) 58 958 82 85, organize practical assistance by providing for example addresses of doctors, hospitals or lawyers, or by advising you in an emergency abroad.

Travel and air accident insurance (up to CHF 300'000. - for Business Card money, CHF 500'000. - for Business Card Gold), in addition to and independently of other insurance.
Rescue costs, search and repatriation up to CHF 60'000.-, in the alternative, in addition to a private accident insurance.
Detailed conditions available on request.

Bonus program
Use your credit card and earn points to save on your premiums.

Volume bonus
Each franc spent with your credit card allows you to reduce your annual dues a little more.
Business Card money: from CHF 10'000.-or EUR/USD 7'500 - spending by card, the annual fee of the card money was reduced by half the following year.
Business Gold Card: from CHF 10'000.-or EUR/USD 7'500. - per year, the annual fee is reduced by half the following year. From CHF 20'000.-or EUR/USD 15'000.-, the gold card is free the following year.

Rental of vehicles at discounted prices
Up to 20% off Hertz "Non – PrePaid Standard" rate

My -
Exclusive offers at preferential price "satisfied or refunded".

Tarifs and Conditions

Business Card BCNSilverGoldOr (EUR/USD)
Main cardCHF 100.- CHF 170.- EUR/USD 150.-
Additional cardCHF 50.- CHF 85.- EUR/USD 75.-
Replacement cardCHF 20.-Free
Blocking of cardFree
Payment by installmentNo
Monthly withdrawal limitCHF 10'000.-as CHF 10'000.-as EUR/USD 5'000.-
Purchase in CHF in SwitzerlandFree
Purchase overseas / foreign currencyOf currencies for sale +1,5%
Withdrawals ATMs cantonal banks3.5%, min. CHF 5.- / EUR/USD 3.50
Withdrawals ATMs hotelsEn Suisse: 3.5%, min. CHF 5.- / EUR/USD 3.50
A l'étranger: 3,5%, min. CHF 10.- / EUR/USD 7.-
FacturationMonthly invoice in CHF (or EUR/USD), with detailed accounting and information to the holder of the card
Customizationyes NoNon