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In the middle of the stiff competition, providers of credit cards arrive with different types of maps targeting various categories of persons with different characteristics and targets with specific benefits. In addition to the public standard credit cards, there are credit cards for students, business, store credit cards credit cards, airlines, gas credit cards, teen credit cards credit cards, etc these cards are specially designed for the target group of people..

Moreover, credit card companies offer cash reward cards to attract potential customers. They offer cash rewards in all purchases made with the card, discounts in purchases of products selected from firms in partnership or selected stores. Credit card companies also offer store-specific cards for purchases in general select store or convenience only.

Do you accept credit cards online cheaper ?

Now you can accept credit cards online at low price when you find the right bank to work with opening a merchant services account. You do not have to pay high fees or jump through hoops to get there magic. All you have to do is find a reputable financial insurer that offers merchant status when you show that you are reliable and able to pay its bills on time.

Business Credit Cards for small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK by Google

Google Launches "Adwords Business Credit Card" for SMEs UK! The search engine giant has created a special credit card for small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK (SMEs).


Credit scores help lenders, employers and landlords land quickly assess if you are a good credit risk and can keep your financial affairs in order. Companies use credit scoring information from your credit reports to determine your score, and each has different criteria for its calculation.


Manage the use of fuel card for your employees can increase the amount of money available for your business. Employers provide fuel cards for employees to purchase fuel and vehicle repairs provided by the company so that employees do not have to pay for the vehicle out of pocket.

Financing a best business credit cards (New)

SME owners or future owners of small businesses have few sources of funding when they start their first rounds. Donors such as the World Bank have strict lending criteria that they often will not pay the amount required by the contractor to finance their start. Even companies financing companies are reluctant to lend money to start-ups such as the risk of failure is high and the new company has no tangible assets a loan may be secured against.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The best credit card rewards for Canadian travellers

A website, RewardsCanada.ca, has launched the first Canadian charts of the best maps of rewards for travellers.
Site has divided the Canadian market for travel in five broad categories credit card to unveil its top picks for the year 2011.The selection was made based on a variety of criteria such as annual fees, the discount rate or the facility to claim awards.The list of Rewards Canada aims to help consumers make a choice among the selection of more than 70 cards available in the Canada.Thus, they will be able to make an informed choice when choosing a travel card that meets their needs.
Here are the top cards of 2011:
The best credit card rewards for Canadian travellers
The best credit card rewards for Canadian travellers
The best credit card travel with reward (with annual fee)
Map VoyagePlus World MasterCard from Capital One offers up to 2% cash back on all purchases for a trip and awarded to the signing of 35 000 points and a bonus for the annual renewal of 10,000 points. Its coverage is excellent.

The best credit card for travel with an award (no annual fee)
Blue from American Express credit card offer the possibility to claim points for travel up to 12 months after the purchase. The discount is 1.25% on purchases. Finally, purchases can be made with as little as 10,000 points.

The best travel credit card hybrid (with fee)
With American Express rewards gold card lets you earn two points for every dollar spent for gasoline, groceries, products to the pharmacy or for travel. A point is offered for every dollar spent with the card. You can book a trip as you want and when you want. Finally, you have the choice to transfer the points from nine programs of loyalty to equal value (1 = 1).

The best airline card
This is the Aero Or CIBC Visa Infinite card. It gives 1.5 Aeroplan points on purchases made at the grocery store, pharmacy or for gasoline. The discount rate is reasonable, especially for the purchase of business class tickets. As Air Canada serves always the largest number of destinations in the Canada, and internationally, it offers users a choice to use the points.

The best hotel credit card (note: the first two arrived ex-aequo)
This is the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express and Capitol One more World MasterCard credit cards. In the case of Starwood, it is possible to Exchange Starpoints in hotels around the world. You can also transfer your points to more than 30 airlines and you get a 5000-Mile bonus when you transfer 20,000 points at a time.

When it comes to more World, you can use as little as $ 5,000 to reserve a hotel room. Insurance coverage and benefits are excellent.