Sunday, January 6, 2013

Counter sales point terminals for best business credit cards

It is easy to make a sale
Point of sale (POS) counter terminals
It will be easier for you to choose the POS terminal that is suitable for your business if you are advised by Services traders TD. Our terminals of payment by credit and debit cards allow you to offer your customers a full range of payment options. With the terminal and the appropriate POS equipment, you save time and money and you meet the needs of the customers.
You can count on us: we will ensure that your hardware and software are compatible, which will help you work smarter.
If the annual total sales volume of business of $100,000 and more and you need counter POS terminals we recommend Freedom IV POS terminal.
If the annual total sales volume of your business is less than $100,000 and you need counter POS terminals, 
we recommend the Liberty POS terminal.

Freedom IV
This POS terminal allows you to offer your customers a great number of payment options and an instant approval in the case of operations carried out by means of direct paymentInterac, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other renowned credit card.
The Freedom IV terminal is user-friendly and with multiple functions of communication. This is a quick and easy-to-use POS terminal.

What kind of POS equipment do we provide?
A magnetic reader and a printer thermal high speed combined.
Separate or integrated keyboard of personal identification.

Features and benefits of the POS terminal
Give the choice to your customers - This terminal supports other renowned credit and debit card processing. The fashion trade retail or restaurant allows automatic regulation of the tips.
Reduce clutter by choosing this high thermal printer integrated speed and keyboard of personal identification (with the option of separate identifiable keyboard).
Reduce the potential costs by using your standard dial-up Internet access or current dial-up Internet (high speed Internet) access to a faster processing time.
Work quickly - The terminal processes up to 500 transactions per batch.
Quickly make your sales reports, go home earlier - thanks to the balances at the end of the day and custom reports.
Access your information quickly - Store 45 days of operations totals and 10 days of information on the operations to facilitate the reconciliation and an overview of the operations.
Build a loyal customer base - Print advertising messages on receipts for your customers.
Meet the needs of your customers - Give the option to give cash back when operations are performed byInterac.
Save money - Make your transactions through a secure Internet connection and you save money since a single Internet line replaces two usual telephone lines (a line for the phone) and the other for the terminal.
Save time - Operations can be processed within a period of two to four seconds through an Internet connection.

Any company deserves a relatively reliable credit and debit card processing. If your business generates sales of less than $100,000 per year and you need reliable countertop POS terminals, terminal Liberty could be right for you.

This user-friendly terminal offers a number of payment options as well as a capacity for rapid authorisation to debit and credit card transactions.

We offer: a magnetic reader and a printer thermal high speed combined.

Features and benefits
Get the latest technology - with the Liberty terminal, your company will be equipped with the latest equipment, including up-to-date software which is designed to help reduce fraud and improve the security of the data.
Take advantage of the form of the latest fraud protection - the compatibility of the terminal and new credit and debit smart cards helps to prevent fraud.
Ensure the security of your data - your business will have the latest industry standard point-of-sale data security. You will receive security software up-to-date for your terminals, including the feature card numbers.
Reduce clutter - Liberty terminal incorporates a terminal device, the printer and the keyboard of personal identification. Because its format is compact, you can easily place your funds.
Have access to online reports - you can easily display data in real time, search operations, customize reports, and analyze trends.
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