Sunday, January 6, 2013


Manage the use of fuel card for your employees can increase the amount of money available for your business. Employers provide fuel cards for employees to purchase fuel and vehicle repairs provided by the company so that employees do not have to pay for the vehicle out of pocket.Employees can take advantage of the goodwill of their employer by charging other elements of their fuel card. There are steps you can take to limit the ability of employees to care too much about their cards.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Place limits on cash advances. Providing advances on fuel cards allow drivers the opportunity to advance the treasury of the next pay period. Limiting progress-or do away with them in total, put more money in your account for purchases of fuel company.
Run daily reports of fuel. Download daily reports from your company fuel card will show you the vehicles and drivers use more fuel. Keep spreadsheets or use the software to track the fuel mileage of vehicles to ensure that a vehicle is not known a sudden drop in gasoline and fuel requirements are compatible. A sudden drop in mileage may indicate a problem with the vehicle or the driver.
Compare Cards. Fuel cards offer incentives to attract new customers. Some cards offer a discount on fuel or other benefits that can increase your profitability. Read all documentation regarding incentives to ensure compliance with the requirements of the offer.

Tips & Warnings

Have your employees fill expenditure reports showing no purchase with their cards and purchase receipts.
A sudden drop in mileage vehicles may indicate that an employee is selling the fuel is loaded card. File a police report if you suspect theft.