Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best business credit card 2011

In the middle of the stiff competition, providers of credit cards arrive with different types of maps targeting various categories of persons with different characteristics and targets with specific benefits. In addition to the public standard credit cards, there are credit cards for students, business, store credit cards ,credit cards airlines, gas credit cards, teen credit cards credit cards, etc these cards are specially designed for the target group of people.

Standard credit cards: almost all credit card providers offer to the public standard credit cards. These are unsecured credit cards that are available for people with no guarantee, surety bond or a mortgage from the users. Credit card companies generally see the applicant credit rating before providing credit cards. In this category you can get low-interest credit cards and credit cards with reward points.

Commercial credit cards: many card providers offer small business credit cards. You should know the use of the corporate credit card, if you want to make the claim. Having a business credit card can be a huge benefit to society in a multitude of ways. However, if you are not careful, it could also have its drawbacks. You must understand that the credit card company is to offer, how you can benefit. Business card credit facilitates various commercial transactions that will make your life easy and comfortable.

Credit cards for students: student credit cards are intended for College and university students. Most card providers to eligibility criteria for applicants for credit card for students you need to be 18 years old and you must be enrolled at a college or University. Credit card companies provide students specific benefits in purchases with the credit cards for students. Card providers also facilitate students to pay the fees of the order with the card. There are many other advantages you can benefit by using student credit cards.

Gas credit card: with this card, you can buy gasoline at the pump or in-store. Some gas cards provides reward by the purchase of gas with the card. You can earn rewards discounts and cash discounts on purchases.

Travel credit cards: one of these fact sheets is available airline miles reward credit card. It is offered in partnership with a credit card company and an airline. This card allows you to earn points or miles for every dollar spent with the card. After obtaining a certain number of points, you can get tickets for air travel with the airline concerned. Airline miles reward credit cards offer also more travel related benefits then other credit cards, such as a higher travel insurance amount.

Balance transfer credit card: you can save hundreds of dollars with cards to transfer the credit balance. Some offer credit cards 0% APR introduction of six to 12 months in all transactions that you perform. For example, you can transfer your balance of a loan that has a high interest rates for a card that offers 0% ad

Credit cards for bad credit: this is a special type of credit card for people with bad credit. Put card companies some restrictions usually not found on other types of cards. The credit card limit is lower in these cards. Some companies require a certain type of security by the applicant before providing credit card. They may ask that you maintain a savings or other type of account that will cover the costs of the credit card.

Moreover, credit card companies offer cash reward cards to attract potential customers. They offer cash rewards in all purchases made with the card, discounts in purchases of products selected from firms in partnership or selected stores. Credit card companies also offer store-specific cards for purchases in general select store or convenience only.