Wednesday, January 30, 2013


All credit card numbers follow a formula standard by which the first six digits of the credit card identifies the company that issued the card. The rest of the digits of the credit card form the individual account number, except for the last digit, which helps computer programs to find the numbers valid credit card. Determine the type of credit card by matching the first six numbers against a list of industry.

Look at the first digit the number of credit card, which identifies the general category of industry which issued the card. Figures are the most common first 1 and 2 for airlines, 3 for travel and entertainment, 4 and 5 to 6 banking and finance, merchandising and banking, oil and 7 for 8 for telecommunications. For example, a credit card number beginning with 7 is probably an oil company or a map of the gas station.
Count the number of digits in the credit card. Cards with 14 numbers are generally Diner Club cards with 15 digits and are usually American Express JCB credit cards or older. Most other major types of credit cards have 16 digits.
Corresponds to the first few digits of the card number for credit card issuers of credit if possible. Discover cards start with 6011 or 65. MasterCard begins with a number of 51 to 55. American Express cards start with 34 or 37. JCB cards begin with 2131, 1800 or 35. Visa cards that start with 4.

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