Saturday, January 19, 2013

Credit card ? Credit score and benefits

Regarding credit score, it is all simply essential if you think staying with US. is used to everything. If you don't, you will not be able to have credit (there still need a credit at one time where to another) or so at a prohibitive rate. You pay a security deposit for your phone, gas, electricity, etc. And most importantly, the owners often check before accepting a nomination to the rental, as well as a lot of potential employers (eh Yes).
Rest to know how to build one without falling into the trap of credit cards at prohibitive rates... as I understand it, the best is to have a credit card (possibly with a security deposit which will also be your credit limit), do not spend more than 30% of this limit, and pay the balance on the card every month (all(, otherwise it is useless). I have a lot of links on the topic, to me, I will give later.
Credit card ? Credit score and benefits
Credit card ? Credit score and benefits
If not for the banks... actually manage transfers between an en account and one account US you will still cost in foreign exchange commission and international transfer fees. For my part I will take either Passport in HSBC, but because I am already client at home.

Now, I don't know your situation, but here's what I intend to do:
-Keep my pennies in France and do my shopping with my French CB Visa US: no commission, no additional fees.
-The time to exhaust my reservations, I'll normally hit my first wages in the US and will therefore be able to start using this money.
Clearly, I intend to avoid transfers wherever possible. If I make one, I will try not to make as a wholesale rather than several small ones.

-Take a credit card with a low limit time to build myself a credit score, and use a debit card the rest of the time. I guess to do it without having to pay fees, I will go to see on the side of the Credit Unions rather than traditional banks.

The map of credit are not as in France Credit cards but said credit revolver.
To increase your credit score:

My views on the subject:
1. A debit card does not increase your credit score
2. Should you bank with the same institution for more than 4 years so it starts to play.
3 Take a Secure Card (you you ready auto a yourself)
4. If you have a credit card used only from 0 to 15% (I know mistike say 30% me I say 15%) and pay any tone at the end of the month.
5 Avoid car credit (considered bad credit)
6 Buy a housing and pay religiously
7. Do not close a credit card, guard active (meaning does not accept anything as a credit card)
8. always ask if a store offers a loyalty card if it is a credit card, I recommend to avoid store cards (if you are asked your social it is bad sign)