Saturday, February 9, 2013


The best credit card is unique to the individual and how the card is used, combined with the objectives of the cardholder. For some low interest is better, while others, a travel program is more beneficial. By asking yourself a few questions to help you determine the best credit card for your situation.

Carrying balances
It is important to see if you usually wear a balance on your credit cards that take over a month to pay to look at your financial situation. At any time your balance is not paid in full by the due date, you will accumulate interest charges. Interest rates can inflate your payment and time benefits greatly depending on interest rates. Carrying balances and balances but especially big plus, get a credit card with an interest level as low as possible will save you money and can provide the best possible advantage. It is important to note that if you charge on a regular basis or not is not what is most important is that you pay the balance each month or carry a balance.

No balance
By paying your credit each month before the due date, you will not accrue interest charges, which means that the amount of interest charged on purchases is not really the most important factor in determining the best credit card. In this case, you should continue to look at the cards that offer benefits or rewards programs. Because you charge on a regular basis, you'll probably get a credit card that offers benefits. Benefits are generally based on the amount of money you charge. Those who care very little rewards will not see as often as those who care.

Cash Back
Some issuers of credit cards have cash back programs that will give you a small percentage of your purchases. While the amount of cash back is usually a small amount between 1 and 3%, this amount can quickly grow throughout the year especially if you charge a lot and pay quickly.The advantage of a cash back program is really noticeable when you pay your balance every month before interest accrues.
Travel rewards.

An award travel can be an advantage for those who travel a lot and often use credit cards. If you pay the balance of the monthly credit card or a balance, the trip points are earned on the amount of money you charge, not when you pay it. For consumers who use credit cards for purchases anyway, it is an advantage to be nice to earn travel points that can be used for hotels and airline tickets. If this type of credit card is best for your situation will depend on whether you use the travel reward, If this is not the case, the card cash back may be the best credit card.

Things to look for
When you decide on the type of credit card you wish to have, be sure to review the fine print closely. Find all annual fees, interest rates, late fees and all other costs that are associated with the account. Issuers of credit cards vary widely, and you may find two cards that seem to offer a similar program and a closer inspection to find offers high annual fees or other differences.